Israeli Doctors in Kiboga Hospital

KIboga DRS / Letter from MOH

The project is a continuous donation for the Kiboga District Community totally financed by SBI. SBI sustains the Israeli Doctors who in turn provide free medical services to the communities.
Early 2014, a team of two doctors, Dr. Eitan Miron and Dr. Reut Harel, arrived in Kiboga. In the framework of the project, the doctors worked primarily in the hospital, treating hospitalized patients, most of whom never see a doctor because of the scarcity of local doctors and heavy workload. Once every two weeks, the doctors visit field clinics to provide first-response medical care to villages remote from any medical facility.

Over the course of the year, medical care was provided in the hospital to some 3,500 patients and approximately 700 more in the field clinics. In addition, lectures and training workshops were held regularly for the clinical and nursing staff in an effort to expand their knowledge and improve the care they give to Kiboga residents.

A new team of Israeli Doctors arrived in December 2014 to continue the work that Dr. Eitan and Dr. Reut started.
Our CSR is even portrayed in our maintenance of a healthy, well trained work force through adherence to strict international standards of health and safety at the workplace as well as our great sensitivity to the environment through the use of environmentally friendly material and processes while we construct the roads.

SBI International (AG) Uganda promotes community health education on issues such as clean water and sanitation, nutrition, HIV and malaria prevention. The Doctors implement training programs to village health volunteers, who in turn promote health education and disease prevention in their own communities.

We are happy to see more lives saved and people's health improve.

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