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In 2000, SBI registered its branch in Uganda as part of the group’s expanding of operations and its capabilities to diversify its capabilities and expertise to developing countries. Since then, the branch has developed an impressive track record in Uganda as one of the largest and stable construction companies. SBI (Uganda)'s has uncompromising dedication to quality and achieves consistently results in and  timely completion of projects which are  well engineered and safely constructed.

SBI (Uganda) is valued not only for its know-how, efficiency and stability. but also for an organizational methodology that places a high priority on consistent operations and commitment, regardless of external changes or upheavals and has led to the Parent Company (Shikun & Binui - SBI Infrastructure Ltd., Airport City,Israel) to be ranked among the top 250 international contractors in the world (read more)

SBI (Uganda) recognises the importance of women in Society and promotes equality for social and economic opportunities and therefore take extra effort to employ more women in the company.

SBI (Uganda) is committed to promoting activities that sustain the ecological management and protection of the environment. We take the initiative to preserve the environment for generations to come.

SBI international Holdings (AG) has its Headquarters in Switzerland and other main regions of activity are:

  • West Africa - Nigeria , Ivory Coast , Ghana , Togo , Benin , Cameroon .
  • East Africa – Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Central America – Guatemala , ElSalvador , Costa Rica, Colombia.
  • Central Europe – Romania , Poland , Hungary , Czech Republic ,Croatia .
  • Others - United states, United Kingdom , Italy , Curacao (Netherlands Antilles), the Netherlands and Switzerland .

SBI INTERNATIONAL AG is the owner of & control holder of Reynlods Construction Company-RCC (NIG LTD) uganda branch which is managed by SBI (uganda).


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