SBI International Holdings AG is a Global construction and development group with a port folio of hundreds of land mark projects.

The group was established in 1958 and has since gained repute in all areas of civil engineering, development and construction.

SBI International Holdings AG (U) is the uganda branch which has a solid financial base and implements turnkey projects,EPC contracts, join ventures and standard procurement contracts.

SBI's innovative capabilities, advanced construction technologies and strict adherence to schedules and budget constraints, have earned the group high regard from a client list in both the private and public sectors.

SBI has the resources and experince to structure creative financial solutions and advanced processes, which drive down costs and raise efficiency.

A dynamic forward moving organization with a high degree of flexibilty and creativity, SBI has the ability to respond quickly to project opportunities.This has given the group the leading edge when competing for major cross-border contracts many of which are financed by International financial institutes like the World Bank, African Development Bank, Inter - American Development Bank, European Development Bank, Danida and Others. Read More

SBI (Uganda) places quality excellence as its strategic company policy. SBI (Uganda) is certified with The Golden Mark Certificate 2015 for:

The GOLD MARK Certificate for Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) including:

  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • EMS 14001
  • IQNet


 Hoima International Airport to employ locals
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Current projects

Upgrade of Mukono-Katosi-Nyenga Rd 74 Km

Design & Build Mukono-Kayunga-Njeru Rd - 92.5 Km

Lubowa Housing Project(3000 housing Units)

Development of Kabaale International Airport in Hoima

SBI International Holdings AG
List of owned Corporations:
  • Reynolds  SBI   Inc.,  of New York,  U.SA

  • Reynolds Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited, of Nigeria

  • Reynolds Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited, Uganda branch

  • Reynolds Construction  Company (Nigeria) Limited, Benin branch

  • Reynolds Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited,Kenya  branch

  • Reynolds Construction  Company (Nigeria) Limited,   Ghana branch

  • Solel  Boneh Nigeria Limited, of Nigeria

  • Solel Boneh  International, Guatemala branch

  • Solel Boneh  Guatemala S.A .  

  • Solel Boneh FTN S.A.

  • Solel Boneh International Romania S.R.L., of Romania

  • SBI  International  Holdings  AG, Romania  branch

  • SONITRA Societe  Nationale  lvoirienne   de Travaux,   of Ivory  Coast

  • SONITRA Limited, of Accra, Ghana

  • SOLROM B.V., of The  Netherlands

  • SBI   International Holdings  AG, Uganda branch

  • SBI   International  Holdings  AG,  El Salvador branch

  • SBI  International  Holdings  AG, Honduras branch

  • SBI International Holdings AG, Kenya branch

  • SBI International Holdings AG, Tanzania branch

  • SBI International Holdings AG, Colombia branch

  • SBI International Holdings AG, Guatemala branch

  • SBI International Holdings AG,Togo branch

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