Following the discovery of oil mineral resources and the corresponding feasibility study by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and Environmental Baseline Study, the Government of Uganda decided to construct an oil refinery at Kabaale Hoima District. The studies recommendations among the required infrastructure, is the development of an international Airport to facilitate refinery location and capable of accommodating large cargo airplanes with carrying capacity of up to 100 tonnes and with the ability to accommodate take-off runs of at least 3,500m. The Uganda Government also has plans to further develop the airfield to international standards to accommodate passengers and as a destination hub for the region.

The proposed Kabaale International Airport project will be constructed within already acquired land of approximately 29 square kilometers. The project is designed to support the operation of Cargo and passenger Aircraft with a runway of 45 meters wide, parallel taxiway, parking Aprons, CAT 1 airfield ground lighting, Navigation Aids, Control Tower, terminal and cargo buildings, roads and parking facilities.

The Development project contract is awarded to SBC (Uganda) Ltd, a Joint venture of SBI international Holdings (Uganda) and Colas UK vide Contract Ref: MOWT/WRKS/2016-17/00369. The Project commenced in APRIL 2018. The initial Duration of the Project is anticipated as 48 months and is recently increased to 58 months.

Project Geometry

  • Runway Length 3500 Metres
  • Runway Width 75 Metres (Incld Shoulders)
  • Taxiway Width 60 Metres (Incld Shoulders)
  • Apron 125,000 m2 For 4 large Aircrafts
  • Cargo Terminal 3240 m2
  • Fuel Storage 240,000 Liters Capacity
  • GSE Area Open paved Area 5000 m2
  • Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Accommodate 3 Fire & Rescue Vehicles

Project Major Quantities

  • Earthworks 7,500,000 m3
  • Concrete 90,000 m3
  • Asphalt 240,000 Tonnes

Runway Cross Section Details

  • Asphalt surface course - 110 mm
  • Asphalt binder course - 250 mm
  • Aggregate base course - 500 mm
  • Aggregate sub-base course - 760 mm
  • Capping layers (min) - 1000 mm

  • Construction Contract for Development of Hoima International Airport was signed on 4th May 2017.
  • The Loan Agreement was signed on 21st December 2017.
  • Commencement date: 18th April 2018.
  • Construction Period: 58 months.
  • Original Completion Date: 18th April 2022
  • Extension of Time 10Months approved in April 2019
  • Revised Completion Date: 17th February 2023

Main Specifications

Single Runway 17/35

  • Single runway (17/35) Length 3500m between thresholds, width 45m + 2x15m shoulders
  • Category 4F (ICAO Annex 14 with exemption from ICAO on width)
  • Runway 17 : CAT I ILS Precision Approach incl Localizer and Glide Path
  • Runway 35 : Visual conditions
  • Ground lights (AGL)
  • Air traffic control (ATC) with approach control from 15NM
  • Hardstands for 4 large AN124 cargo planes

Main Specifications

  • Designed to handle large aircraft including
  • Regional commercial jets (eg Airbus A319)
  • Antonov's AN124 (approx. 120ton of oversize cargo)
  • Boeing B747-800F (approx. 140ton oversize cargo)

Main Scope of Works

AirSide Works

  • Earthworks
  • Geometry
  • Drainage
  • Pavements
  • Markings and Signage
  • Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)
  • Navigational Aids
  • Meteorological Equipment
  • Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)
  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)
  • Airfield Security Fencing
  • Airfield Perimeter Road
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Area

Landside Works

  • Cargo Terminal (incl. passenger processing facilities for 50 passengers in the peak hour)
  • Employee Housing
  • Landside Roads
  • Parking Areas
  • Landside Fencing
  • Communications
  • Aircraft Fuel Storage
  • Electricity Supply (incl OH power lines, sub-station
  • 33kV/0.4kV and back-up generators)
  • Water Supply
  • Sewage system
  • Solid Waste handling



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