SBI Environmental Protection Policy - EMS 14001

SBI International Holding AG / Reynolds Construction Company hereinafter abbreviated as SBI / RCC recognizes the prime / cardinal importance of environmental protection practices, For that reason therefore, the company shall continuously pursue and actively promote an environment policy directed to the employees, customers, suppliers, local and international authorities as well as the general public at large. Below are the environmental protection objectives which SBI / RCC shall give ultimate importance and strive to achieve

  • Establish and implement a sound environmental management system in all construction projects.
  • Instruct and train all employees, sub-contractors and other third parties about the implementation of the environmental protection policy
  • Establish and implement environmental construction controls on all construction sites
  • To respect all national and international laws, rules, codes guidelines and regulations as minimum requirements as far as our construction activities are concerned.
  • Employ and delegate competent and devoted environmental advisers who will oversee implementation of this policy across all projects
  • Communication and advertising the environment protection policy among all our employees and any other third parties for the sole purpose of implementation
  • Ensuring protection and conservation of natural resources in all areas in which we operate.
  • To ensure minimization of environmental impacts during execution of our activities for example taking precautions against oil spills
  • Waste management plans and procedures shall be availed and followed by all employees and other concerned parties

SBI / RCC strives to achieve all the above objectives and reviewing / improving the environmental protection policy while all the staff workforce, sub-contractors and any other third parties are liable to complying with it.


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