SBI ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Policy

  • SBI International Holding Ag/Reynolds Construction Company Ltd is giving priority to Quality Assurance through execution of projects with high level of quality, full client satisfaction and continuous improvement as permanent targets in it business management.

  • SBI/RCC strives to achieve, maintain and improve client's satisfaction, quality of execution of projects and the processes in the company, on an ongoing basis, in order to meet explicit and implicit customer needs in accordance with the laws, standards, procedures, internal and external specifications and standard practice in its area of expertise.

  • Employees of SBI/RCC are encouraged to cooperate and to make involvement in quality assurance procedures through all work stages.

  • SBI/RCC management constantly reassesses the effectiveness of quality procedures and sets quality goals in the management reviews, based on past data and with the objective of constantly improving the results. The permanent goals for quality are:

    • Achieving high customer satisfaction
    • Adhering to project execution timetables
    • Executing projects at the required level of quality
    • Executing projects effectively and with a minimum of faults

  • SBI/RCC Quality Assurance System complies with International Standard ISO 9001:2008. Company quality assurance system is periodically reviewed by authorized institution to receive and maintain its certification.

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