ISO 9001: - Quality Management Standard
ISO 14001: - Environmental Protection
OHSAS 18001: - Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

  1. The management of SBI/RCC hereby declares the execution of construction projects with: high level of quality, full customer satisfaction, taking precautionary measures to ensure protection of the environment and safety of all persons concerned, in all areas of operations.
  2. The Company undertakes:
    • To ensure the observance and acceptance of the national/ general business legal & other requirements including those pertaining to the quality of the environment and Occupational Health & Safety.
    • To achieve, maintain and improve customer satisfaction, with the quality of execution in all projects.
    • To meet explicit and implicit customer needs in accordance with the laws, standards, procedures, internal and external specifications and standard practice.
    • To perform its activities, products and services so as to ensure the reduction of any significant impact on the environment.
    • To ensure the enforcement of the principles and methods for the avoidance, and prevention of the exposure to risk of injury and occupational hazards to its employees, contractors, suppliers and the general public.
    • To ensure conditions for the knowledge, applying and observance by all the employees, contractors & interested parties of the policy, goals and documents of the adopted management systems (IMS).
    • To constantly assess the effectiveness of the IMS during management reviews and set appropriate goals with the objective of constantly improving the performance.
  3. The management of SBI/RCC encourages employee cooperation and involvement in Integrated Management System of quality assurance, environmental, health and safety
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